Meet Brianne.

     Based in Washington, D.C., Brianne is a mold-breaking consumer rights attorney who refuses to turn a blind eye to corporate abuse. She is the most tenacious and brilliant of lawyers driven by genuine compassion and a commitment to improving society. Perhaps what is most impressive about Brianne, however, is her staggering ability to solve Wheel of Fortune puzzles in a snap.  


     As a former Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Brianne has a long history of helping people conquer difficult challenges. This unique experience has given Brianne intangible attributes that set her apart from the rest of us mere mortals in the legal field.  For instance, Brianne has a knack for sifting through vast amounts of information and spotting recurrent patterns, which allows her to solve complex problems. She also has phenomenal communication skills, knowing how to actively listen and comprehend what clients tell her, and speak clearly and effectively to advocate on their behalf.




T. 407.477.4401


      Brianne holds a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Florida where she served as the President of Gators for Alternative Dispute Resolution, organized Gator Law Adoption Day, and participated in the Pro Bono Legal Challenge…all while raising two courageous daughters with her husband, Eddie. She previously earned a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seattle Pacific University and a Bachelor of Science in Family, Youth, and Community Services from the University of Florida. We can't help but marvel at the inspiration she is to us all and hope Netflix makes a docu-series about her life. 


     When she’s not turning the tables in the courtroom or secretly psychoanalyzing members of our team, Brianne loves traveling and learning about Ethiopian culture.  Additionally, Brianne enjoys celebrating random holidays (who else gets excited about National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day?) and amassing reading lists full of thought-provoking books. 


     Want help with a legal issue or need recommendations for a gripping novel to read? E-mail Brianne at


*Admitted to the District of Columbia only.