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Meet Tony.

     Anthony is an Investigative Case Manager with a passion for fighting for the rights of those harmed by illegal, unfair, and deceptive business practices. Renowned for his unmatched enthusiasm and steadfast dedication, he works with clients to make sure the best evidence is collected to document their case. Based on his optimism, we are convinced that he must eat sunshine for breakfast. 
     Before joining the firm, Anthony assembled an impressive resume reflective of a servant leader. But, if we are completely honest, it was his million-dollar smile that won us over. When he is not at the office advancing cases, Anthony and his wife both lead worship and oversee outreach ministries in the community. Now and then you can also catch the power couple hosting the Praise Factory Gospel Radio Show on Joy 106.3. 


    Want to reach Anthony? Shoot him an e-mail at


Anthony nUNNALLY

T. 407.477.4401

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