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Meet Katrina.

     Katrina is our Investigative Case Manager with an unhinged resolution to fight for the rights of those harmed by illegal, unfair, and deceptive business practices. She's a rare blend of a Type-A personality with the patience of a saint allowing her to work with clients to make sure the best evidence is collected to document their case. Perhaps it’s a result of her infatuation with crime documentaries, but she has a knack for connecting the dots and making sense out of a mere smattering of details.


     Family and friends knew that this Miami Hurricane would one day take the legal field “by storm” long before she switched majors from pre-vet to pursue law school. Let’s just say she had a strong sense of justice as a young child and knew how to use the powerful tools of argumentation to get out of trouble. Having graduated with departmental honors in Sociology and Criminology, she now attends law school at St. Thomas University. Yes, we're impressed with the many accolades she’s garnered, and we love her proclivity for seeing the best in people. But, frankly, we knew Katrina would be a tremendous asset when she told us about her adorable bulldog mix named Sushi. 
     You can reach Katrina at

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T. 407.477.4401

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