Meet Logan.

     As an all-star law clerk, Logan wasted absolutely no time getting to work helping people victimized by illegal business practices. If you said that Logan is always on the ball, you'd be 100% accurate. The truth is, there’s never a time Logan isn't preparing for one court or another: either the courtroom or the basketball court. He comes by it naturally as a former Division III basketball player known for his brain power as much as his athleticism.


     This native Utahn is a JD Candidate at Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law where he's still acclimating to Florida’s insane humidity. Previously, Logan attended Emerson College (Go Lions!). There, he earned a degree in Sports Communications and Management along with many academic accolades. 

     Logan is fluent in Korean having spent two years overseas serving the people of Seoul. There, he met his future wife and upon returning to the US, they tied the knot lickety-split. (We were being dead serious when we said that Logan wastes no time



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whatsoever!) Together, they enjoy being active in their church and investing in the community. It’s his genuine compassion for others and commitment to fighting for their rights--combined with an “all-gas-no-brakes” mentality-- that makes him a valuable team member. 

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