Meet Marieda.

     Marieda is such a star in the firm that we all think she should be known by her first name alone, like Adele or Elvis. She’s an accomplished Executive Assistant who brings a wealth of experience from a career in the financial banking industry. It was during her time working for the dark side (we joke!) that Marieda discovered her most profound superpower: the ability to bring order to chaos. With this extraordinary talent comes an inevitable downside. Marieda now suffers from non-stop requests for guidance and support.


     According to Marieda herself, she’s a born work-aholic with a passion for helping others. Truly, she is just as kind-hearted and endearing as she is savvy life-long learner. Not only has she obtained both a pastoral counseling diploma and life coach diploma, Marieda speaks multiple languages including Afrikaans and Northern Soto. She’s also an avid reader and is currently devouring “What Happened to You?” by Oprah Winfrey and Bruce D. Perry. Although she’d make for a sensational book curator, Marieda finds real-life stories even more intriguing. 



T. 407.477.4496


     Outside of firm life, Marieda serves as an administrator and moderator for multiple online mental health groups based in South Africa. In her role, she supports people struggling with severe depression and assists those who love them navigate certain mental health conditions.  This passion originated from a personal life event where her beloved older brother committed suicide. You can see why we love Marieda.

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