Meet Melissa.

     Melissa is our Special Projects Coordinator having fallen for our charms after a truly outstanding career at multiple top-tier companies in the legal field. Not only does she keep our many ducks in a row, Melissa 
provides critical operational support. She is vital to our operation, and can handle just about any problem you can throw at her. 

     She’s sarcastic in the best sense of the word, which at times can keep us guessing. What we do know is how incredibly smart, hard-working, and valuable Melissa is to the team. Clients who work with Melissa appreciate her tenacity and compassion, and the fact that she always goes the extra mile taking care of their cases. We appreciate these qualities in Melissa as well, and agree they more than make-up for her all-out obsession with color-coding. 
     We can’t sufficiently brag on Melissa without mentioning that she’s raised an all-around great son. He’s currently serving our country as a United States Marine. Please keep him as well as our other servicemen and women in your prayers!

     You can get in touch with Melissa by emailing her at

Melissa rathbun

T. 407.477.4060