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 Our (rebrand) Story

     It’s time. Maybe it’s better put as, it’s about time! We’re changing our name, and we’re really excited about it. We’re proud to share that Jackson Lee | PA is now The Consumer Rights Advocacy Firm.

     Apart from a new name, we have a new brand identity as well. While this is a significant change reflecting our growth, our mission to hold abusive businesses, financial institutions, and insurance companies accountable hasn’t changed. Our core philosophy, commitment to our clients, and service to the communities we serve, all remain the same. But why did we decide to rebrand and take it to the next level? Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and get cozy. 

Our Journey So Far

     Since our founding in 2013, you could say we’ve changed a little bit. What started as a scrappy woman flying solo out of her home office has become a cutting-edge consumer protection firm and a leader in the fight against powerful corporations that trample the rights of individuals and small businesses. Our team consists of mission-oriented people who devote their talents and skills to take on legal battles few would have the courage and determination to tackle. They are rebels (with a cause) known for their knowledge and innovation, as much as their compassion and dedication.

     Our journey started with a desire to shoulder the burden of legal issues faced by our clients. We had a fanatical vision to become a law firm fueled by clients and their stories to pursue justice against abusive businesses, financial institutions, and insurance companies. We wanted to break away from the out-of-touch traditional firm model marked by impersonal bureaucracy and outdated practices that fail to address the needs of individuals. We desired to foster change and inspire hope.


     Since then, we’ve assimilated a team of rebels (with a cause) known for their knowledge and innovation as much as their compassion and dedication. Together we’ve represented countless people whose rights have been violated by corporations across industries—from the banking industry and mortgage industry to the rental car industry and insurance industry. No company—no matter how big or how powerful—is above the law. 

Our New Name and Logo

     We’re now taking the opportunity to evolve our brand to better communicate the breadth of expertise that our firm truly represents. So, why did we land on The Consumer Rights Advocacy Firm? We wanted a name that reflects what we have stood for and everything that we aspire to become as we move forward. Plus, let’s be honest: Jackson Lee | PA was kind of boring and we grew tired of people confusing us with a southern historical society. We (mostly) jest!


     A lot of love and hard work went into our rebrand. Our new simple, yet modern logo is influenced by our core principle of being a relationship-focused law firm that leverages technology to solve the legal challenges faced by our clients. The logo visually illustrates the link between the consumers we represent and the advocacy we provide. This approach is why we go beyond the facts of each case by getting to know our clients' stories. Our advocacy is never disconnected from the individuals we represent. This is what has always defined us, and this will continue to define us in the days to come.  


     Suffice to say, we’re the same firm, just growing.

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