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It's all about you
when it comes to us. 


We want to meet your needs and help you with your legal problems. 

So, we'd rather talk about you than us. Still, maybe you have questions about who we are and why we’re incredibly dedicated to representing people like you. You can learn more about our story below.

The Hooligans


Our (Official) Story.


Who We Are

      We're a team of renegades that are passionate about what we do: representing people who have suffered at the hands of abusive businesses. We take on exploitive corporations—no matter who they are or how much power they have—and win. We don't take ourselves too seriously because we are busy taking your legal issues seriously.  

The Consumer Rights Advocacy Firm was born out of a desire to shoulder the burden of legal issues faced by our clients. We had a fanatical vision to become a law firm fueled by clients and their stories to pursue justice against abusive businesses, financial institutions, and insurance companies. We wanted to break away from the out-of-touch traditional firm model marked by impersonal bureaucracy and outdated practices that fail to address the needs of individuals. We desired to foster change and inspire hope. But, how did we get here? Well, the story begins *clears throat" over two decades ago.

Where It All Began

      It may surprise you (because they hide their dorkiness so well) that our Founder and Managing Partners met on their very first day of collegiate debate camp. The coach told the group of overly ambitious and a bit awkward students to look around because there was a solid chance of finding our future spouse in the room. You could hear the crowd groan in near disgust at the prospect.  
     The coach proved to be prophetic. All that time researching and strategizing in the debate lab combined with spending untold hours at debate tournaments across the country built a deep bond between Ruth and Jared.  They tied the knot and then headed to law school together.  
   While at rival law firms, the pair dreamed of starting their own firm that not only provided exceptional legal service, but one that is committed to challenging the status quo even when it seems impossible. It took a lot of prayer, hard work and devotion, but the dream became a reality. Ruth and Jared now have the privilege of working along side each other with a talented team that holds corporations accountable for their unlawful actions.

What We Do

      What started as a scrappy solo operation is now a leading law firm in the fight against powerful corporations that trample the rights of individuals and small businesses. Our team consists of mission-oriented people who devote their talents and skills to take on legal battles few would have the courage and determination to tackle. Together we represent people whose rights have been violated by corporations. No business or industry is above the law.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us.
We'd love the opportunity to get to know you. 

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