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Our Referral Program.

     We love partnering with attorneys like some people love gray t-shirts with random sayings.  Whether you're looking to refer a consumer law client or establish a co-counsel arrangement, let's start a profitable relationship together.

     We receive case referrals from all types of lawyers and law firms, including personal injury attorneys, transactional attorneys, probate attorneys, criminal attorneys and, frequently, bankruptcy attorneys. We also co-counsel cases with lawyers who want to remain more actively involved in the litigation. 



  • You can refer all types of consumer law cases, including identity theft, credit reporting, collection harassment and unfair and deceptive practices

  • You'll speak directly with us and receive a prompt case analysis.

  • Our focus and service will make you look good.

  • Your client relationship will be respected.

  • We will follow all ethical rules governing the sharing of contingency fees.

What you need to know about a referral relationship with us.

Let's connect.

We want to be your “muscle” to help your clients in consumer law matters. By referring your clients to us, we make your firm a little stronger.

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