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Your Rights. Our Fight.

The Art & Science

Let us slay your legal issues.

     Are you facing a legal problem? The Consumer Rights Advocacy Firm's mission is to hold abusive businesses, financial institutions, and insurance companies accountable. When it comes to thinking, we don’t need a box. We brainstorm and strategize. We advise, advocate and litigate. If we're privileged to be your attorneys, we'll work like a boss to see that you are compensated justly. If you want results, you'll want us fighting for you.


     If you have a legal issue, contact us about how we can provide top-notch personalized and caring service.


     The Consumer Rights Advocacy Firm launched in 2013 with a desire to shoulder the burden of legal issues faced by our clients. We had a fanatical vision to become a law firm fueled by clients and their stories to pursue justice against abusive businesses, financial institutions, and insurance companies. Since then, we’ve assimilated a team of rebels (with a cause) known for their knowledge and innovation as much as their compassion and dedication. Together we’ve represented countless people whose rights have been violated by corporations across industries—from the banking industry and mortgage industry to the rental car industry and insurance industry. No company—no matter how big or how powerful—is above the law.

     Read more of our story here! And, if you have questions about how we can assist you, fire away! We're happy to answer your questions and schedule a free case review. 

 The big picture 

The Big Picture

  Connect with Us.  

Main Office

1985 Longwood Lake Mary Road

Suite 1001

Longwood, FL 32750

Tel: 407.477.4401

By Appointment Only

1560 W. Cleveland Street

Suite B

Tampa, FL 33606

Tel: 813.540.6030

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Free Case Review

Get a FREE case review.

     Take the first step towards a successful recovery by contacting us for a free case review.  When we say free, we mean exactly that.  After an attorney personally listens to the details of your situation, we’ll discuss your rights and options. You won’t be obligated to use our law firm, and you’d owe us nothing for this service.


     In many situations, we are able to offer to represent our clients on a “contingency fee” basis. In other words, we front all costs for your case and only collect a fee if we win. And, we work tenaciously to do that for you. We’ll help you get maximum compensation for your losses and suffering that result from violations of your rights.

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