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Debt Lawsuit Help

     Being sued by a creditor or debt collector is like a punch in the gut. Let us fight on your behalf. Our firm offers a free case evaluation and chargers a flat upfront fee for defending these cases. When you retain us, we'll provide a high-caliber defense to obtain the best possible result for you. 

     If your head is still spinning from seeing your name as a defendant in a collections lawsuit, here's what to do.


Call us to schedule a free case evaluation. We'll review your matter and explore the best potential strategies. If you decide to retain us, our signup process is fast, simple, and can be done remotely.  We only charge flat upfront fees for defending these cases.  

2. defend

Once retained, we'll identify all available defenses. Then, we'll get your response on file with the Court to prevent a default judgment. We'll appear for you at any Court hearings so you don't have to and handle any motions that are filed.


3. Resolve

The vast majority of the collection lawsuits that we fight are either dismissed by the creditor or settled for a substantial discount.  Each case is different and the outcome depends on a variety of factors.


     Take the first step towards a successful recovery by contacting us for a free case review.  When we say free, we mean exactly that.  After an attorney personally listens to the details of your situation, we’ll discuss your rights and options. You won’t be obligated to use our law firm, and you’d owe us nothing for this service.


     In many situations, we are able to offer to represent our clients on a “contingency fee” basis. In other words, we front all costs for your case and only collect a fee if we win. And, we work tenaciously to do that for you. We’ll help you get maximum compensation for your losses and suffering that result from violations of your rights.

 Free case review

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