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Class Actions

       Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for corporations to defraud people through deceptive acts or otherwise illegal business practices.  If you and others have been the victim of these practices, you may have a powerful recourse: a class action lawsuit.


      A class action is a type of lawsuit that offers large groups of people the ability to sue a company collectively. The class action mechanism can be especially useful when the damages suffered by any one individual are too small to justify a lawsuit. Taken together, however, relatively small damages suffered by hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of people can be joined legally into a single, cost-effective action.


     If you have knowledge of widespread corporate misconduct, we want to speak with you. Our team can assist with determining whether a class action may be appropriate and, if so, proceed with finding similarly situated consumers and commencing aggressive litigation against the wrongdoers. 

     Take the first step towards a successful recovery by contacting us for a free case review.  When we say free, we mean exactly that.  After an attorney personally listens to the details of your situation, we’ll discuss your rights and options. You won’t be obligated to use our law firm, and you’d owe us nothing for this service.


     In many situations, we are able to offer to represent our clients on a “contingency fee” basis. In other words, we front all costs for your case and only collect a fee if we win. And, we work tenaciously to do that for you. We’ll help you get maximum compensation for your losses and suffering that result from violations of your rights.

 Free case review

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