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Estate Planning.

     You want to eliminate the possibility of ambiguity and uncertainty regarding your wishes. Still, you wonder if you actually need a Last Will and Testament. Is it a crucial part of adulting?


     No matter the breadth of your assets, whether you have children, or the nature of your familial relationships, you really do need a Last Will and Testament.  It helps ensure that your wishes are followed and that your loved ones have a significantly easier time navigating life without you in the event of your passing.


     We create personalized legal solutions that are tailored to your specific objectives and insure that your hard-earned assets are not subject to the delay or expense of probate court proceedings. Various tools can be used in conjunction with your Will and Testament, such as establishing a Trust, a Living Will (or Healthcare Directive), Durable Power of Attorney, lifetime gifts, or transfers of assets to minimize tax impacts and further meet your goals.

     Our services includes:

Last Wills and Testaments

Trusts of all Types

Living Will/ Healthcare Directives

Durable Powers of Attorney

Appointment of Guardians

Wills and Estate Planning

     Contact us to get an Estate Planning Intake Form and free consultation. We offer house calls to those with transportation troubles, and a sliding fee scale to those with lower income.  Having an estate plan is important, and we try our best to make estate planning as accessible as possible.

     What if you delay? 


     If you pass away without a Will or Estate Plan, the laws of Florida will direct how your money, assets and belongings are managed. An administrator is appointed, bonds are required to be posted, and any disputes among loved ones will delay and drain your estate by triggering fees and costs along the way. The overall result is often more troublesome, upsetting and costly situation left for your loved ones upon your passing, who will likely be struggling to accomplish what you would have wanted.

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