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It’s Time To Know Exactly What Your Homeowner’s Insurance Covers

A standard Florida homeowner’s insurance policy covers damage caused by hurricane wind, but not flooding. This means that a person’s homeowner’s insurance policy typically covers the cost of replacing the roof or siding damaged by a hurricane or other windstorm losses, but would not cover the damage to the interior of the home caused by a storm surge. You must purchase additional coverage to protect your home from flood damage resulting from a hurricane.

In addition to covering damage to both the structure of your home and the property inside of it due to wind damage, it is common for a Florida homeowner’s insurance policy to provide you with reimbursement for temporary living arrangements if your home is uninhabitable due to a weather-related event. This often allows you to stay in a hotel and eat meals out while repairs to your home are being made subject to the policy’s limit.

Remember, Florida law mandates that every homeowner’s insurance policyis subject a “hurricane deductible” pursuant to the law. The hurricane deductible applies only once during a hurricane season. All insurers must offer a hurricane deductible of $500, 2 percent, 5 percent and 10 percent of the policy dwelling or structure limits. Examining your hurricane deductible now before your home is damaged could save you thousands. You can make adjustments (or purchase a new homeowner’s insurance policy) up until the National Hurricane Center issues a hurricane watch or warning in your county.

The hurricane deductible is triggered by windstorm losses resulting only from a hurricane declared by National Weather Service. A hurricane deductible applies to any wind-related damage that occurs from the time a hurricane watch or warning is issued for any part of Florida, up to 72 hours after such a watch or warning ends and anytime hurricane conditions exist throughout the state.

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